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The guitar also has a sticker just behind the bridge displaying the rising sun flag. Aside from that, the guitar was pretty much stock, including the original Fender pickups, and a maple neck.

radiohead pedalboard

Thom had a few stickers on the guitar, the Apple and the X-Girl logos. The colorful Apple logo was covered with a white tape at some point. Thom had an Apple logo sticker just behind the bridge.

The guitar is heavily modified; it features a maple Stratocaster neck, black pickguard, hard-tail bridge, two hambuckers, and the input jack has been placed on the front panel. Thom had the original bridge replaced with Mustang-style one, and the rhythm circuit removed.

Thom also plays a white Jazzmaster with red tortoise pickguard, which is his main Jazzmaster since He had atleast one more SG in the s.

Both were cherry red, and pretty much stock.

radiohead pedalboard

As of more recent days, Thom has started playing a cherry red SG. He first appeared on stage with it around the end of Gibson EST Used on the stage with beginning in the This guitar is pritty much stock. The guitar is painted in sunburst and left completely stock.

He played it on many live occasions see: Radiohead — Fake Plastic Trees. ENC feature mahagony back and sides, cedar top and a rosewood neck. He started using it aroundand played it until Martin Thom started playing around Fender Twin Reverb Reissue Thom bought couple of these amps into replace the Silverface which was stolen. Thom sold it in Vox AC30 Used briefly during the tour along his Fender.

In he started using it more often, and it eventually replaced the Bluesbraker as his main amp. He also has two AC30 with Dave Peterson mod, which he carried on tours from to He also uses it with Atoms for Peace. His pedalboard features these couple of main effects:. Of course, Thom does use a couple of more pedals next to these. GroundGuitar counts on your criticism and feedback. In case you notice anything wrong with the information posted on this page, or you have knowledge of something that you would like to share, be sure to leave a comment above.

In case you want to talk to me privatly, please use the contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible. It started of as a stock black reissued model by Fender. At some point Thom changed the pickguard to a white classical Telecaster one. His pedalboard features these couple of main effects: — Pro-Co Turbo Rat Distortion Thom used this pedal from the early beginnings in He is well known for his use of guitar pedals, and the Radiohead recordings throughout the years illustrates the very beautiful use of effects in their sound.

On a personal level, I began to appreciate Radiohead much later. About 5 years ago, I finally understood Radiohead and began to play catch up! Strange how that can happen with a few bands. Now, I greatly appreciate the band! The guys at GigRig were kind enough to let me re-post those photos.

radiohead pedalboard

And here is the same board, but from a different angle. You can see the 4 pedals below and behind the GigRig G2 controller:. Please let me know if you see anything incorrect. The Korg SDD pedal is the bomb, by the way. Completely love it.

Even if you just use it for the preamp. But, yeah, it found a firm place on my board recently. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Radiohead – Ed O’Brien Pedalboard 2015

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When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. We appreciate your support! Greenwood is a multi-instrumentalist and also serves as Radiohead's lead guitarist.

He is the younger brother of fellow Radiohead member Colin Greenwood. In addition to guitar he plays viola, organ, piano, xylophone, glockenspiel, ondes Martenot, banjo and harmonica. Let's look at some of the gear and equipment that has been seen in Jonny Greenwood's Guitar Rig. Click the gear images for more info and specs at Guitar Center and Amazon. This guitar is equipped with Lace Sensor pickups. Amplifiers - Vox AC30, used for clean tones.

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By using UPA you agree to our use of cookies to deliver a better site experience.We also post pedal info on instagram: tkogeffects. Oxford Drive batch 3 join the mailing list for updates. Mini Glitch batch 16 join the mailing list for updates.

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Feral Glitch discontinued. Articles Tags Question? While his fellow guitarists often look to other instruments for new sounds, Ed has made it his mission to push his instrument to its limits, making heavy use of effects units and instrument modifications.

Thom has been quoted as saying that he invited Ed to joint the band because the latter looked like Morrissey, and while Ed is indeed very attractive, he is equally talented at creating otherworldly tones with the guitar.

radiohead pedalboard

Effects -Pedalboards. This original Plank had only one f-hole, unlike the Plank ED2 which has two. Easy to tell apart from the original as it has two f-holes, while the original only has one. The body sides are mahogany, the face birds eye maple. Fingerboard is ebony with mother or pearl markers. It was used quite a bit on Pablo Honeyincluding for Creep.

Ed had removed the stickers by Acquired in late or early to replace his original Blonde Rickenbacker There are no photos of this instrument, but fans have noted the existence of a backup Fireglo Rick.

Also used in for performances of I Promise. Ed says he prefers it with effects to the Ricks. Ed talks about the guitar in this interview for Fender.

Acquired in July, Originally fitted with three gold lace sensors. Ed replaced the white pickguard with a black one.We also post pedal info on instagram: tkogeffects. Oxford Drive batch 3 join the mailing list for updates.

Mini Glitch batch 16 join the mailing list for updates. Feral Glitch discontinued. Articles Tags Question? He likely added a Marshall Shredmaster by The Bends era. He added a second Turbo Rat some time during this period. It was around this time that he split his pedals onto two boards: one board is kept by his mic-stand which has the pedals that he activates during songs, and a second board is kept next to his amp and is filled with distortion pedals specific to individual songs.

During shows, Plank adjusts for the second board for Thom. This dual pedalboard type of setup has been in use to the present, though recently the second board has been populated with reverbs and pitch shifters. Atoms For Peace Youtube. Thom mainly used the Turbo Rat mainly for low-gain rhythm sounds, relying on other pedals to give him heavier distortion when needed.

Thom added a second Turbo Rat to his setup circa He eventually sold the second Turbo Rat on eBay in mid-November It was used to offer a second setting for live performance. Thom switched to a Proco Turbo Rat by Thom probably got the Turbo Rat around the time that the band were signed, so he may have initially stopped using the Bluesbreaker pedal in Used live in andand during the pre-In Rainbows recording sessions.

Acquired circa The small original enclosure of the Expandora likely made it easy to accidentally hit the knobs when stomping on the pedal, and the wider spacing between the knobs and footswitch on the newer square enclosure make this less likely.

As such, the pedal was set for a healthy but not extreme gain setting with good bass response.

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Plank posted this photo of his workshop on his blog on July 31, stringsreunited. It shows the Expandora being rehoused into a simpler square enclosure.

Thom used this pedal with his guitar during the tour for OK Computer. Thom used this delay during the pre- In Rainbows tour. He used it with a Boss FV-5U for tap tempo. It may also have been used in Amnesiac tour setup, in which case it would definitely be an RV3.

Possibly used for Hall reverb, since that is the mode that he uses on his Holy Grail. I suspect that Thom obtained this pedal from Ed, who stopped using a Holy Grail after It was first used by Thom in or for live performances, after which it fell out of live use for a few years.

It was used for the Radiohead tour, for the Atoms for Peace tour, for Radiohead shows, and for the Atoms for Peace Tour. The pedal only fell out of use when Thom replaced it with a pair of EHX Holy Grail Nano pedals ingiving him two reverb options instead of one. The partially obscured Holy Grail is visible to the right of the image.

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Boss LS-2 Line selector. Used from circa to to switch between a perfectly clean acoustic tone and a slightly distorted one. Thom started using this pedal live at his solo shows.Radiohead's Ed O'Brien goes in-depth on the songwriting and sounds behind his debut album Earth over on Guitarworld. I also own a Hologram Electronics Infinite Jets. I invited the guy who made it, Ryan Schaefer, to a Radiohead show. But you did! It makes your guitar stutter or sound like an accordion with backwards reverb.

Jonny Greenwood’s Pedalboard and Gear – Radiohead

He's clearly a tinkerer when it comes to finding new sounds and adding to his pedal palette, with an RJM Mastermind PBC providing the switching engine to unleash all manner of combinations. Our pick of the best reverb guitar pedals for every type of guitar player, whatever your budget. O'Brien also details the pedal he used on the album that aren't on the pedalboard, as well as going into detail on the guitars he used on Earth.

He even gave an update on what's going on with regards to the next Radiohead album — head over to Guitarworld. MusicRadar The No. Virtual Guitar Show ! Image credit: Future "For the delay, they used all the same power, preamp and components as an Echoplex, the only difference is that the delay is digital and not tape, but it still sounds amazing.

More Ed O'Brien. Image credit: Fender. Image credit: Press Material.We also post pedal info on instagram: tkogeffects. Oxford Drive batch 3 join the mailing list for updates. Mini Glitch batch 16 join the mailing list for updates. Feral Glitch discontinued. Articles Tags Question? For most of his time with Radiohead, Jonny his kept his pedals on two boards.

While one might expect the pedals to be connected from right to left, since pedals have inputs on the right side and outputs on the left, Jonny generally connects his pedals from left to right, but there are some exceptions to this as well.

By late, this board was supplemented with a Demeter The Tremulator and a Digitech Whammy WH1, both kept on the floor beside the pedalboard. One could roughly describe the setup as having modulation and pitch pedals on the left board, and overdrive and time-based effects on right board. From there, the signal splits into two paths, which Jonny uses the LS2 to choose between. The other signal chain is a more versatile setup, with a mid-gain overdrive, a delay, a reverb, and a looper running into a Vox AC30 amp.

In this arrangement, the LS2 lets Jonny switch from blistering high-gain solos to ambient mid-gain echos with the press of a single switch. As one might expect, since Kid A Jonny has relied almost exclusively on the path connected to his AC30, and mainly uses the path connected to the Eighty-Five for performing older songs. It is identical to the setup used for Letterman on Oct 17, A picture taken at the Place des Arts on the first day of filming of the Ondes Martenot Documentary Wavemakersin which Jonny stars facebook.

One case see that nothing is plugged into the input or output jacks of the Shredmaster. Perhaps the original unit gave up the ghost after more than two decades of touring.

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However, he was already using an RV5 with his keyboards at earlier performances. Shoes are Adidas Y3 boxing trainers. His first Small Stone was a Version 2 V2 from the 70s, with thick orange lettering.

At some time between the end of the tour and the start of the tour, Jonny switched to a Small Stone Version 4 V4 which he has used to this day. It is also possible that Jonny simply prefers the sound of the V4. This also means that it is always prior to his distortion pedals.

InJonny started using the phaser during the final chorus as well, and continued to use it on Prove Yourself until For some live performances of Inside My HeadJonny would turn on the Small Stone, on a slow setting, as he played the last chord.

(2006/06/11) Caroline Martel, Jonny

Though this is not heard on the recorded version, Jonny would go on to use the same technique quite often at the end of Airbag. In and earlythe pedal was used for live performances of Faithless The Wonder Boy. The pedal make an appearance when Jonny enters the song, during the buildup to the chorus.

You can read more about the different arrangements of Planet Telex in this post. The pedal is used on live Fake Plastic Treeslikely to help emulate the synth sounds heard on the recording. Jonny also used his Small Stone during the outro of a performance of Street Spirit circaset slow and with the color switch down.

A less noticeable use of the Small Stone by Jonny is when he sets it to an extremely slow speed. This causes his guitar to sound filtered, and different from a more general phase sound. It also causes a very long sweep, which can be heard if listened to closely. On AirbagJonny uses the pedal for when he tremolo picking, starting at For live performances, he also activates the pedal as he plays the last chord, then turns up the speed knob with his foot as the chord rings.

However, starting in orJonny has used the Small Stone for the the entire song, and has also used his BOSS overdrive instead of his Marshall Shredmaster for the solo.

InJonny used the Small Stone live for Pearlyset to an particularly fast, almost chorus-like sound. For live performances of Morning Mr Magpie inJonny used the pedal briefly in the verses see EHX Freeze pedaland possibly sometimes during the chorus.