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We purchase our own headphones and put them under the same test bench, so that you can compare the results easily. No cherry-picked units sent by brands. The SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless is an outstanding gaming headset that combines the connectivity options of the Arctis 7 and the Arctis Pro GameDAC by including a wireless transmitter that doubles as a battery charging station, and even throws Bluetooth in there for good measure.

The result is a highly versatile wireless gaming headset that can mix audio from a console and a mobile device at the same time. The Arctis Pro Wireless is a comfortable, well-designed headset that sounds amazing, and has a superb battery system and a great microphone.

Good mixed usage headphones. They pair easily with mobile devices and the retractable microphone gives them a more universal look for everyday use. However, their wide range of connectivity options and their balanced sound makes them a very good choice for watching movies, gaming, and critical listening. Great for neutral listening.

Their neutral sound profile is very flat and they have excellent audio fidelity. Their bass provides enough punch and rumble to make bass-heavier genres pop without cluttering the instruments and vocals in the mid-range and the treble is detailed and present. Our test unit also had great imaging which will be useful to pinpoint game sounds like footsteps. Overall, they have a well-balanced, neutral sound that should satisfy most listeners, especially since you can customize it to your liking with the included transmitter or the SteelSeries software.

Decent for commuting. You can pair the Arctis Pro Wireless to your mobile devices via Bluetooth or use them passively with the provided audio cable. Above-average for sports among gaming headsets. They're bulky but have breathable padding on their ear cups. You can also use them wirelessly with mobile devices and they're decently stable thanks to their tight yet comfortable fit.

Above-average for office use. The SteelSeries Engine provides you with a good amount of customization options and they're comfortable enough to wear for long hours.

arctis pro wireless white noise fix

Their microphone is great for taking calls and you can use them wirelessly by plugging the wireless transmitter into your work computer as well as by pairing them to your mobile Bluetooth device. Their battery life will also last you for a whole workday. Awesome for gaming. They sound great, have low latency, can be used with a console and mobile device at the same time, have an excellent mic that filters a lot of noise, and are very comfortable.

That said, they have a unique and convenient battery charging system and are likely to keep up with even your most intense gaming sessions. They have a wide metal frame with a pronounced curve wrapped in an elastic strap to adjust the fit, reminiscent of ski goggles, that has a premium, durable feel. They have a sleek, uniform look that is more understated than gaming headsets with flashier designs like the Astro A50but is more versatile for everyday use.

If you want your headphones to stand out more though, you can purchase more colorful headband straps, magnetic ear cup plates, and leather or velour ear cushions directly on the SteelSeries website.

They have a curved metal headband frame with a ski goggle-like elastic that adjusts the fit. The ear cups are large, spacious, and well-padded, and are coated with breathable and soft padding that feels nice on the skin. The fit should be fine for most but may feel a little tight for some. The Arctis Pro Wireless have great controls that are easy to use and provide great feedback. When using Bluetooth, the control dial only adjusts the volume, but when using the transmitter, it adjusts the volume by default but can be clicked to access more settings like channel mixing, EQ pre-sets and audio sources.

On the right ear cup, the Arctis Wireless Pro have a power button like the Arctis 7but have a dedicated Bluetooth Sync button too, which also controls music and calls when the headphones are used via Bluetooth. The power button curves outwards while the Bluetooth button curves inwards, which is a nice touch that helps distinguish the two and does not take long to get used to.

Like most closed-back, over-ear headphones, the SteelSeries Arctis Wireless Pro have poor breathability.The SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless delivers nuanced sound and a plethora of audio options, all without the need for cumbersome software.

The SteelSeries Siberia was an interesting experiment. Would gamers want to fine-tune their audio options on the fly — even on consoles — if it meant setting up a large transmitter rather than a simple USB dongle? The Arctis Pro Wireless delivers nuanced sound, a plethora of audio options and a crystal-clear mic, all without the need for cumbersome software. While the Arctis Pro Wireless involves a complicated setup procedure and a lot of money up front, the final product impressed me overall.

The SteelSeries Arctis line represents my favorite headset design of the past few years, and the Arctis Pro Wireless wisely doesn't do much to change things up. The black plastic chassis is medium-sized, lightweight and just plain unassuming. With a matte finish and no sharp edges, the Arctis Pro Wireless is a joy to wear either at a gaming station or when you're out and about.

Large, plush ear cups sit over the ears and don't press down too tightly. My favorite physical feature on the headset is, as always, the elastic "ski goggles"-style headband, which helps you get a perfect fit without ever having to micromanage tedious notches.

You can adjust the overall tightness with a Velcro strap, but you basically just put the headset on top of your dome and let gravity do the rest. It's a beautiful thing, and I'm grateful that other manufacturers are finally starting to come around to this design.

Otherwise, the Arctis Pro Wireless keeps things pretty simple. There's a retractable mic in front of the left ear cup, with a mic mute button and a volume wheel on the back of the ear cup.

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You'll also find a few different connectors for audio ports and charging cables. The right ear cup simply houses the battery, which you can hot-swap, thanks to a second battery that charges constantly inside the transmitter.

More on that later. The box is very simple, with two buttons, a knob, and a black-and-white OLED display on the front, and a variety of audio and power ports in the back. The box itself is fine, and thanks to an inspired design decision, you can control most of its features right from the headset, using the volume dial.

My only complaints are that it's not crystal clear what every port does most setups require only two or three of themand that if you use a living-room setup, it's nearly impossible to see the tiny screen from couch distance.

Granted, you could eventually learn all the options by rote memorization. But having to get up and walk over to the transmitter every time I wanted to do more than adjust the volume made the headset controls feel pretty superfluous.

As stated above, the Arctis line represents some of the most comfortable headsets on the market. The Arctis Pro Wireless is no exception, since it's so easy to find your perfect fit. The device sat lightly on my head and made a tight — but not uncomfortably tight — seal around my ears.

I wore it for hours of gameplay, commuting and just sitting around, listening to music with no ill effect. I handed the headset off to a co-worker, who agreed with my assessment — and then proceeded to wear the headset for the rest of the day, not wanting to return it. SteelSeries is obviously doing something right. Because the Arctis Pro Wireless has so many ports in its transmitter, you can connect it to your gaming device a variety of ways. To start, though, let's talk about the quality on PS4 and PC, since SteelSeries had those two systems in mind when it designed the headset.

First off, while you'll connect the transmitter to PC via USB and to PS4 via optical audio cable, the sound quality is the same either way. It simply has to do with how each system processes linear PCM sound. Thanks to the transmitter, you can experience 7. If you've used other Arctis headsets, you won't be surprised to learn that the Arctis Pro Wireless sounds great.

While it's definitely worth tweaking the equalization options I wasn't actually that impressed with the default Balanced setting, which sounded treble-heavy and muddled for most applicationsyou'll experience subtle highs, clear mids and defined lows. I wish the bass had a little more power behind it, especially for music, but the balance was generally just right for gaming.

Last Recode. Between Immersion and Performance modes, the Arctis Pro Wireless delivered everything I needed, whether it was tight directional sound for flying around the map as D.Log in or Sign up. Overclockers UK Forums. This site uses cookies.

By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Show only OP. Apr 6, at PM 1. So I've just got my set of Arctis Pro Wireless, the sound is amazing. But if they are on, and nothing is playing you can hear the faint hiss of whitenoise. Is this normal or is something wrong? Its constantly there when nothing is playing. Probably there too when something is playing, but it totally masks it I've set it up the way SS suggests too. Apr 6, at PM 2. Apr 6, at PM 3. Umm my Astro A50's wireless I dont hear this.

Apr 6, at PM 4. Apr 6, at PM 5. Guess you dont like the Arctis Pro's? Apr 6, at PM 6. Marsman Capodecina Joined: Oct 18, Posts: 10, Could be that the Astro's have a better implementation when it comes to the wireless technology used.

Apr 6, at PM 7. Could be, but Astro's were awful. Often wouldnt connect at first, had to unplug and replug, getting them to sit correctly in the dock to charge was a nightmare.

So yeah they were fast gone. Just wondering about the Arctis tho Apr 6, at PM 8. Also wondering if this is common with them, if anyone else has a set to share their exp with them.Menu Menu.

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Originally Posted by Jevlin. That's good to know. If so, a simple fix is to just turn down the volume on your headphones and compensate by increasing the volume on your PC. If not, it can be a short inside the headphone circuitry causing it, unfortunately that means you're shit out of luck and just have to learn to live with it.

Last edited by mmocbe2d; at AM. Originally Posted by Kevybevy.We don't currently ship to Russia. Please click below to be redirected to a third-party seller that ships to you.

Dual Wireless: 2. Buy From Partner. Arctis Pro Wireless. High fidelity audio comes to gaming for the first time.

arctis pro wireless white noise fix

Hi-res capable speaker drivers and a lossless and lag-free wireless solution make Arctis Pro Wireless the only true wireless high fidelity gaming audio system. Dual Wireless System Two is better than one. The Arctis Pro Wireless features rock solid, lossless 2.

Use both connections simultaneously or independently for maximum flexibility.

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This provides lossless and ultra-low latency wireless audio with up to 40 feet of interference-free range. Never Be Tethered Exclusive dual-battery system means never sitting next to an outlet to charge your headset. Keep one battery charged in the transmitter base station while gaming with the other in the headset.

Volume ChatMix Equalizer Bluetooth. Hear everything with high resolution speaker drivers The Arctis Pro headset features premium speaker drivers with high-density neodymium magnets that reproduce Hi-Res audio out to 40, Hz, nearly double what most standard headsets are capable of 22, Hz. ClearCast bidirectional microphone Widely recognized as the best mic in gaming, the Arctis ClearCast microphone delivers studio-quality voice clarity and background noise cancellation. Lose yourself in the game as the audio comes to life all around you.

See more reviews See fewer reviews. Compatibility Times PC. Headphone Frequency Response 10—40, Hz. Headphone Impedance 32 Ohm. Microphone Frequency Response —10, Hz. Microphone Impedance Ohm. Microphone Noise Cancellation Yes. Wireless Times 2. Battery Life 20 hours 10 per battery. Bluetooth Version 4. Transmitter Base Station.

USB Audio Cable.

arctis pro wireless white noise fix

Toslink Optical Cable. Mobile Audio Cable. Mobile Charging Cable.

SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless Review: Slick Sound, Awesome Versatility

Microphone Windscreen. Link opens in new window Play. It does include Bluetooth, but this is not the wireless method used for gaming. Rather, the Arctis Pro Wireless features a dual-wireless system where its lossless and low latency 2. The best part of this system is that audio from both wireless connections can be used simultaneously.No one needs to spend that much money on headphones, period. One of my friends spends less than that on rent. But if you do find yourself with a tremendous amount of disposable income or a serious PUBG addiction, then SteelSeries has the only gaming headset you even need to consider.

The new SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless are the result of what happens when you sit down and make a wishlist of what your perfect gaming headset would have, with almost no compromises. Design-wise, they look good and fit comfortably. The only adjustment comes from an elasticated fabric band that holds the frame off your head, which fits me and a few of my smaller-headed friends just fine.

The headband is also made of a thin piece of aluminum, which should be more robust than the usual plastic. But plenty of headphones are comfortable and durable. The most innovative thing in the Arctis Pro Wireless is the battery. It comes with two, and one lives in the headset, while the other is on charge in the base station.

The base station also does more than just charge the battery. It has a small OLED screen on the front that gives you the battery status of your headset and the reserve battery, and one big physical knob for changing volume. Since the base station also serves as the wireless transmitter, that means your headset has line-of-sight to the transmitter, rather than it being a USB dongle hidden away in the back of a desktop.

Tags: Gamingsteelseries. Chris Mills has loved tinkering with technology ever since he worked out how to defeat the parental controls on his parents' internet.

SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless whitenoise

He's blogged his way through Apple events and SpaceX launches ever since, and still keeps a bizarre fondness for the Palm Pre.

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arctis pro wireless white noise fix

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